Make a Complaint


Complaints regarding officer conduct may be submitted directly to the KRPF or to Québec’s Police Ethics Commissioner.

The Police Ethics Commissioner is autonomous and independent of any police force. Complaint forms may be obtained from a police station or municipal office in any community or from the website of the Police Ethics Commissioner: download, print and mail (PDF) or complete online.

Police Ethics: 25 years at the service of citizens

You may also submit a complaint form to the Québec Ombudsman (Protecteur du Citoyen).

While the Police Ethics Commissioner should be contacted first regarding complaints against a police officer, it is also possible to follow up with the Québec Ombudsman online or by telephone at 418-643-2688 or toll free at 1-800-463-5070. Visit the website of the Québec Ombudsman to know more about its role and mandates.

Code of Ethics

The duties and standards of conduct of police officers are set out in the Police Act and the Code of Ethics of Québec Police Officers. To ensure KRPF officers meet these standards at all times, the KRPF enforces a code of discipline. As well, a permanent discipline committee (consisting of three members of the public and two senior KRPF officers) is maintained to review complaints from the general public.

For more information

For support and to learn more about what to do if you are a victim of an abuse by a police officer, you may also contact the Native Para-Judicial Services of Quebec toll free at 1-888-844-2094 or by email at