Apply to Become a KRPF Constable


To apply to become a constable of the KRPF you must have obtained (or be in the process of obtaining) a diploma of basic training in police patrolling from the École nationale de police du Quebec (police academy, ÉNPQ).

To apply to become a KRPF constable, you must complete the following documents:

Your application must also include copies of the following:

  • CV and a letter of intent;
  • ÉNPQ diploma of basic training in police patrolling, academic transcript and behaviour report (once available);
  • CEGEP diploma in police technology and academic transcript;
  • High school diploma and academic transcript;
  • Any other diploma or certificate relevant to the position;
  • Driver's licence;
  • Health card;
  • Birth certificate;
  • SIN card;
  • A void personal cheque;
  • Two passport-size photos;
  • Criminal record check (even if you are already employed as a police officer);
  • Fingerprints.

To apply for a criminal record check and to have your fingerprints taken, visit your local police station. Your criminal record check and fingerprints must be transmitted by regular mail to the Human Resources Section of the Kativik Regional Government. All other application documents may be transmitted by email. See the contact information, immediately below.

Once all the necessary documentation for your application has been received by the Human Resources Section of the Kativik Regional Government, you will be contacted for the next steps, including a psychometric test, an interview and a background check. It is not necessary to be perfectly bilingual, but the hiring process will be completed in English to assess your level of competency.

Note that there is no time limit for applications. The KRPF accepts applications at all times.

Questions and documents may be directed to:

Human Resources Section

Kativik Regional Government

P.O. Box 9, Kuujjuaq QC  J0M 1C0

Tel.: 819-964-2961, ext. 2337

Fax: 819-964-2975