Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How often can I take a vacation, and how many paid trips will I receive?

Answer: With accumulated overtime, police officers receive 500 hours (12 weeks) of paid vacation and three return flights from Nunavik to Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa or Iqaluit (depending on your point of origin) per year. You will have the opportunity to choose when to use these flights. On average, police officers work for three months, followed by one month off.

Question: What will my work schedule be?

Answer: You will be required to work 40 regular hours per week. The shifts will be 8 to 10 hours, depending on the community where you will be assigned. You will also be required to remain on call outside of your regular hours of work. On-call employees are paid 25% of their regular hourly rate. Employees called back to work are paid 3 hours at the applicable rate.

Question: To which community will I be assigned?

Answer: You will be assigned to a community based on the needs of the organization. Needs are constantly evolving, and we can only inform you of your assignment point a few days before you are hired. Candidates must be willing to work in any Nunavik community to be considered for a constable position with the KRPF.

Question: Where will I live?

Answer: The KRPF provides housing for all its police officers. You will have a private room in one of these accommodations, shared with other police officers. You will need to bring your pillows, sheets and a comforter. Furniture, appliances and kitchen utensils are provided. You will not pay rent.

Question: How many of my personal belongings can I bring?

Answer: Air transportation is the only way to get to Nunavik. You will be travelling on Air Inuit  or Canadian North  . Visit their website to find out about hand and checked baggage restrictions. The KPRF will reimburse a maximum of $100 for excess baggage on your first trip to Nunavik.

As a new employee, the KRPF will pay to send 25 kg of your personal belongings from Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Moncton or Iqaluit (whichever is closest) to your assigned community. When you are hired, you will receive a cargo warrant form allowing you to bring your personal belongings to the cargo warehouse of one of the two airlines.

Question: Can I bring my pet?

Answer: Pets are not allowed in shared houses.

Question: Will I be hired on contract or as a permanent employee?

Answer: The KRPF does not hire contract employees. Those hired are temporary or permanent, and the working conditions are defined in the collective agreement.

Question: Do I have to speak English?

Answer: The first language of the Inuit is Inuktitut. Most Inuit speak English as a second language. KRPF incident reports are written in English. You do not have to be fluently bilingual in English and French. However, you must have a functional level of English.

Question: Are there stores in each community, and is food expensive?

Answer: There is at least one grocery store in each community where you can buy all essential items. Nutrition North Canada subsidizes many items. Also, you will receive a cost-of-living allowance. Visit the Salary and Benefits page for more details.

Question: Is there a gym in each community?

Answer: Most communities have access to a gym.

Question: Is there a cellular service in Nunavik, and will I have access to the Internet?

Answer: Except for Kuujjuaq, there is currently no cellular service in Nunavik. All KRPF police stations are equipped with wifi access for police officers. During your induction period in Kuujjuaq, you will have access to wifi in your accommodation. When you arrive in your assigned community, you can pay to receive internet service in your accommodation. Visit the Tamaani website to view residential packages. Also, shared accommodations are equipped with a telephone line where you can make long-distance calls using a calling card. ​