Policing as a Career


Do you want to become a police officer for the KRPF?

Do you have the following skills?

  • You are able to defuse tense situations by using good communication;

  •  You are able to stay calm and to control your emotions while under stress;

  • You have a good sense of analysis and are able to adjust to changing environments.

Would you like to perform the following duties?

  • Respond to emergencies when someone calls to report a crime or because there is a danger;

  • Build ties with the community;

  • Write reports and defend their contents if needed.

Educational requirements:

  • A CEGEP diploma in the police technology;

  • A diploma of basic training in police patrolling from the École nationale de police (police academy).

If you are interested in learning more about how to become a police officercall or visit your local police office.