Salary and Benefits


Applicants will receive a competitive salary and interesting benefits as part of their employment with the KRPF.


  • A starting salary of $53,665
  • A salary of up to $87,026 after a period of 48 months;
  • $8500.40 to $20 861.62 to be paid as a cost of living differential, depending of the assigned village and the number of dependants;
  • Food allowance;
  • Constables working in Nunavik may also benefit from numerous tax deductions.


  • 160 hours of vacation (20 days), plus 120 hours (15 days) in lieu of statutory holidays for permanent members;
  • 3 annual leave trips (for permanent members);
  • RRSP contributions: 6% employer, 4% employee (for permanent members);
  • Group Insurance;
  • A furnished apartment;
  • Maximum of 80 hours (10 days) of banked overtime per year;
  • Financial Incentive applicable to new graduates of the ENPQ: upon presentation of the appropriate receipts, a police officer who has not been previously employed by a police force or organisation and who is a certified police officer will be reimbursed by the employer for tuition fees paid to the ENPQ provided he meets the following conditions:
    • He has been in the employ of the KRPF for one (1) calendar year;
    • He is the incumbent of a permanent position.