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$2,500 Donated to Saturviit

Tuesday, April 30, 2019
KRG Director General Michael Gordon accepts a cheque on behalf of Saturviit from the hands of KRPF Chief Jean-Pierre Larose
A cheque of $2,500 was given to Saturviit following a participation of KRPF Chief Jean-Pierre Larose to a campaign of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

In June 2018, Chief Larose was invited to the Red Shawl Campaign as a “Change Maker”. The goal of the campaign was to increase empathy towards missing and murdered women and girls and to share a positive message of hope and healing. In return of his time participating to the Red Shawl campaign, Chief Larose received $2,500, which he decided to give to an association helping Inuit women of Nunavik, Saturviit.
Saturviit represents Nunavik women of over 15 years old, and gives them a voice. The association supports community projects, organizes activities to counter violence towards women and children and provides tools of emancipation in the areas of politics, economics and social issues.