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Kangiqsualujjuaq Officers Respond to a Call for Service

Sunday, May 10, 2020
On Saturday, officers received an emergency call reporting a lot of screaming, banging and loud noises coming from a residence of the community.

Officers attended the residence and heard screaming and loud noises coming from inside. They knocked on the door and identified themselves as police officers. They continued knocking for several minutes while requesting the occupants to open the door. The officers looked for an alternative way to enter the residence but were unable to enter. The officers warned the occupants that if they did not open the door, they would have to break it.

Fearing for the safety of the individuals inside, the officers broke the door to gain access to the dwelling. Inside, they found an alleged victim with injuries.

"I've been made aware of a video of the intervention that was posted on Facebook," said Deputy Chief Jean-François Morin. "I've looked at the video and the facts. Because this is an ongoing investigation, I cannot release many details. However, preliminarily, I can say that the officers acted appropriately and within KRPF policies. I would like to remind everyone that videos don't always tell the whole story and that people shouldn't jump to conclusions. They can be put on the internet without any context."

The presumed aggressor has been identified, and the investigation is ongoing.