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Going to the Literacy Camp - by Constable Gabriel Caron

Monday, August 7, 2017
On July 12, I participated to the Literacy Camp taking place in the school of Kuujjuaraapik. The main instruction I had received was to read a book at the school for the kids.

The northern village, located on the Hudson coast, is the southernmost community of Nunavik and has a population of approximately 700 inhabitants.

Upon my arrival, I spoke with a few camp workers and decided that the best way to entertain the kids and keep their interest would be, after a short introduction of myself, to let them choose which book I would read to them.

The kids were very enthusiastic and participative. There were around 20 kids of different ages and they quickly brought me five books. After voting, the book they chose was The Book With No Pictures

They were laughing about the book and they seemed to appreciate my presence. They asked me to read a second book, which I agreed. After the reading, I gave them the opportunity to ask me questions about my work, the police uniform, the equipment I carry on, and other related topics. During the recess, I went outside to continue discussions with the kids and also let them try my bullet proof vest.

A few days later, I spoke with a camp worker. She told me that the kids enjoyed my presence and loved me, that I did a good job and thanked me for taking the time to go there.

-Cst. Gabriel Caron