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Alcohol Roadblock in Kuujjuaq: 2 Suspects Arrested

Thursday, October 29, 2020
On Friday October 23, the Kativik Regional Police Force (KRPF) did a roadblock operation in the community of Kuujjuaq. The goal was to ensure the safety and sobriety of the drivers.

Over 75 vehicles were intercepted during the operation. Two persons were arrested for operating a motor vehicle while driving impaired under the influence of alcohol.

During the week of October 19, the KRPF had advertised its intention to do a roadblock operation in Kuujjuaq.

"Road blocks are an effective way to prevent and discourage impaired driving, which is a crime taken very seriously by the KRPF", said KRPF Sergeant Marc-Olivier Duclos. "The message with this operation is clear: don't drink and drive." ​

Roadblocks will be held on a regular basis and will not always be announced. The KRPF strongly encourages all Nunavimiut to find an alternative solution to impaired driving such as having a designated driver.