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Sapummijiit and the KPRF in Montreal for the 30th Anniversary of the CAVAC Network

Wednesday, January 31, 2018
On January 24, the coordinator of Sapummijiit, Bruno Hamel, and the Deputy Chief of the KRPF, Benoît Plante, travelled to Montreal to celebrate the 30th anniversary of crime victims assistance centres (CAVAC) and meet with the other members.

​The first crime victims assistance centre was created in Quebec City in 1988 following the adoption of the Act respecting Assistance for Victims of Crime by the National Assembly. Thirty years later, with the 17 network members present, new branding was unveiled and a new logo was introduced during the conference. Several stakeholders made presentations, including the Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of Québec, Stéphanie Vallée, the project originator and former Minister of Justice, Herbert Marx, as well as a centre director, a victim support agent and crime victim.


Benoît Plante during an interview conducted while visiting Montreal

The event also enabled participants to discuss new ideas and know-how, as well as to share experiences from their respective regions.

In October 2017, the KRPF and Sapumijiit developed guidelines to ensure the delivery of services to the victims of crime from the outset of the judicial process.

Agreement between Sapummijiit and the KRPF

Sapummijiit has produced new documentation for the victims of crime that will be distributed by KRPF officers.

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