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A second free legal clinic organized in Kuujjuaq

Monday, January 22, 2018
From January 17 to 19, a free clinic was organized in Kuujjuaq by Pro Bono Québec, a non-profit organization that initiates, coordinates and promotes professional legal services for people living in Québec who face difficulty accessing such services.

The legal clinic was the second one to be organized in Kuujjuaq. Private consultations were held again for three days, and presentations were delivered at the Kattitavik Town Hall on how to write a will, file a case in Small Claims Court, and prepare an application for divorce. Workshops were also organized for secondary students at Jaanimmarik School.

In March 2017, a pilot project involving a team of five legal professionals offered legal aid in the fields of family, youth protection, criminal and civil law. The project was a success and was even nominated for the 2017 Imaginative Justice Award, which recognizes innovative projects contributing to access to justice. The KRG Legal, Socio-Judicial and Municipal Management Department is supporting these Pro Bono Québec initiatives.

In 2018, Pro Bono Québec plans to organize additional free clinics in Nunavik to make legal services more accessible to residents in other communities. At least two other communities will be visited before the end of the year, most likely on the Hudson Bay coast.