Good Touch/Bad Touch



Good Touch/Bad Touch is a body safety program. It has been adapted by the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services, the KRPF, regional social and youth protection services, and the Kativik School Board to take into account the distinct characteristics of Nunavik and its Inuit culture. The program teaches children a comfortable way to talk about topics related to touching. Participants learn about abuse and what to do in case they are threatened or harmed: who to contact and how to better protect themselves. For example, they are taught to be able to say "no", "it's my body" and "abuse is never my fault" without feeling ashamed. ​

How the prog​ram is delivered

The program is implemented in the communities in Inuktitut over a two-week period by experienced facilitators with the support of local interveners.

During the first week of the program, orientation meetings as well as awareness and healing workshops are organized for front-line workers, and information sessions (including a radio show) are conducted for parents and community members. As well, information letters and related tools are distributed.

During the second week of the program, children from kindergarten to grade 6 participate in different five-day workshops. On the final day, their understanding of the material is evaluated. The information in the different workshops is adapted to the age, knowledge and developmental stage of the participants. The workshops cover various topics through the use of stories, videos and games. Evaluation meetings and a fun community gathering are also organized during the second week.​

For more information​

  • For assistance organizing the Good Touch/Bad Touch program in your community or for more information about the program, contact:

    •  the KRPF prevention officer by telephone at 819-964-2488;

    •  the Health Promotion officer of the Health Board, Anita Gordon at 819-964-2222 ext. 300.